Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Very Pulse in YOU is the Want

Now we begin to have the benefits of practical knowledge of the actions and reactions, the powers and limitations, of human beings, which gives us valuable awareness of how we tick and how our mainsprings may get out of order-too tight, too loose, or perhaps a little rusty.

We see that there are two powerful drives in everyone, which have been called self-expansion and love-absorption: first, briefly, the desire and purpose to express our capacities; and second, the need to merge with the opposite sex, to enjoy the interest, excitement, and comfort the other sex can bring us.

Serving these two basic needs are two forces of the mind that separate our natures into emotional and intellectual aspects. By emotional, is meant the whole force of your protoplasm; your hunger, thirst, desire for freedom of action, your need of love and intimacy, of companionship, of equality, the feeling of wishing to get forward in life, of accomplishing things; in other words, your emotions of rage, fear, sex, and wonder, and their natural reactions. All these are emotional, the urging of your physical forces, the power of your personality. But they have no directive capacity. They can be expressed negatively or positively at demand. They are mere power There is no direction in steam; it is also mere power. It has to be given shape to be of value. We contain it in some form - a boiler for instance - and its power is turned into use.

The intellectual processes are your imagination, your memory, your judgment, your reason, your ability to focus upon some aspect of experience. But all of these, imagination is the key to the functioning of your life. This creative impulse builds the series of images, the behavior patterns, the pictures of desire and purpose fill your mind. The deep, powerful, emotional drive then functions through these intellectual processes to bring purposes into being. To understand these important factors of human consciousness and learn how to use them for the benefit of your own life, is the very secret of living. It is the one and only promise of a successful future. It is, in fact, the way to the discovery of your SOUL, which should be the designer and builder of any future that is to be truly  valuable to you and the world.

My blog  will continue to uncover woman and young girls who live this and who also live knowing they have and can trust their silent partner.

The moment you touch YOUR want YOUR life begins.

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