Sunday, May 6, 2018

New website announcement

Namaste to all my lovely readers. I am back in the blogging world and I also have a new website:

Enjoy and know I look forward to posting more often and receiving your feedback.

Blessed be
In kindness,

The Courage to Be

In his wonderful book, How Do You Know When It’s God?, author Dan Wakefield talks about how the practice of yoga helped enhance his growing Christian faith during a time of crisis: “In going to yoga, in trying to pray through the flesh rather than words, I felt like I was going back to the basics, going back to find the spirit.”

That is exactly what happened to me. Through my crisis, I kept doing yoga, no matter what else life turned up. I went inside, where I was able to associate back into my body, and through time re-connected to Spirit and my higher self (Divine Love).  Having experienced this I have now been called to create a 3-month intensive program called the Courage to Be which I will be sharing with you soon. And, so it is—AMEN!
Canadian Yoga Alliance featured my article in their magazine called the Canadian Yogi - please feel free to read it here: