Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Insist on Yourself; Never Imitate

Millions of lives have been ruined and personal powers perverted, because boys and girls, and men and women, have been taught that it is noble to commit spiritual suicide. Then they try to do something they are not, and in so doing distort themselves in the name of goodness and sacrifice.

Think of Galileo abrogating his love of knowledge to become an industrialist or Michelangelo surrendering his love of beauty to run a pile driver. So lets think again what sacrifice truly means. You do not sacrifice your automobile every time you use it. You do not abnegate your house because you live in it. To use things in the wrong way, or for the wrong purpose is what sacrifices them, injures them denies their usefulness. To use ourselves for the wrong purpose is desecration of life.

We must be willing to find a task that our abilities can fulfill and then obey the requirements that nature and that task demand. No purpose is fulfilled otherwise.

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