Thursday, December 10, 2009


It is a tragic thing that we have made such enormous scientific advance without giving a similar calm attention to the other side of life - a wise, sane command of emotion. When we say, “I’ve tried that,” we do not always realize we are carrying literally lugging the same old negative resistance around with us. We may try emotional therapies, the image making process and yet claim “it doesn’t do anything.” And why is that? Because we carry the negative imagery right into it, our fear patterns, our angers and jealousies, and greeds.

 Our whole attention process is occupied with old injurious habit patterns. We are victims of our there is no answer without surrender. There is no solution without being willing to have it so. Only when we give up egotism and find our true identity can we receive this guidance. In other words simply put, the secret of calm lies in the relation of your stream of consciousness to the stream of destiny. Our future depends on how we handle that great life relationship, how we are meeting it moment by moment. Are we resistantly putting our ego demands on life? Or are we acceptingly searching out and putting our focus on the positive values of experience?

         Ask yourself this question: Do I accept life nonresistantly, and with love; or resist it with the power of my ego? In order to attain calm is to surrender what we call the power drives in our natures, the determination to dominate creation, or a better way of putting it, you must make use of the creative power within you to fulfill the ends of love and wisdom.

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