Monday, December 7, 2009

Relationship Between Mind and Emotions

In this thing called LOVE there are two ways to go in... through the heart or back brain. The back brain is false love and true heart love is in heart. The relationship is a true childhood fit. Both are very deep unconscious attraction (I can’t get out) and the only  way to get around it is you have to find out who you are ...keeping the good qualities. What is affecting the behavior? You want to disconnect, however, what is the law of your unconscious? If you are living by others laws you fall in love with people and things that fit their programming.
 Heart or Back Brain Love…What Our Relationships Teach Us When you fall in love the ANF - factor stimulates hypothalamus to tell pituitary to create hormones to try true love. Back brain love - medulla- tells brain to produce endorphin love. This lasts any where from 9 months to 2 years...then its over. For example with endorphin love , you see a guy, you have the hots for him...reminds you of? This is back brain love (endorphin), and it is dysfunctional back brain love (childhood love).
In there must be acceptance of trials and difficulties connected with the chosen purpose, self-discipline to fulfill the need, and relaxation of all resistance to its requirements. Surrender is right only  if  you have first stopped to consider and to make your own being the measure of your choice. 
The whole philosophy of self-mastery, essential as it is,  is dangerous unless you build it on purposes that are fulfillment’s of your own nature. If we don’t do that we lose ourselves in wrong ways of life, and in abnormal duties. If we don’t refuse purposes that are unsuited to us, we become the victim of externalism.

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