Monday, January 25, 2010

Surrender and Releasing

All of us start with this inner conflict between the power drive and our inner nature. We all have a percentage of it. The stronger the personality, the more conflict there is between the love and power side of our nature. All that we do that is right and helpful for others, the whole foundation of a satisfying relation to your family, your wife, your husband, your friends, comes from the love side of your nature. But a determination to be dominant over others, to rule them, to decide they shall live, is on the power side of self - deification. And until that is surrendered the protection of calm is denied to us.

The great poem of struggle of Prometheus and Epimetheus presents the temptation of the power side of human nature. It speaks of the inner urge we have toward spiritual expansion, and the constant conflicts our egos present in the desire to dominate the lives of others. Richard Strauss has put it into music and so has Listz in Les Preludes and so has Jan Arden in Insensitive

It is the basis of Greek tragedies, the spiritual center of Dante’s Divine Comedy. In his visit to Heaven and Hell, in the poem, Dante presents the two sides of human nature - the superconscious and the subconscious.

And so, when we have had a long history with someone, it is often challenging to release that relationship, or perhaps person from our lives and yet, if we want something good to come into our life, we have to make a space for it. You are a valuable person. You can design and create your own life, remember you deserve the best that life has to offer! First, you must make space for it to happen!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fantasy (Back Brain Love) or Reality (Heart Love)? Where do you live?

Heart love-heart releases ANF - neurotransmitter of love, whether its person, place, or thing. If Eros, its heart. 

The thalamus (limbic) tells hypothalamus (heart representative), tells the pituitary you’re in love and you then secret hormones of love. If you are dominated by your back brain the person you should have loved, you will not like (until you have grown into your new will fall in love with your old self-made up of genetics.  

When you’re in CAT you accept reality. 

If you are in CIA you accept fantasy, even if you are 40 (i.e.) you’re inner child falls in love with boy you sat beside in grade school. You are constantly living in the past. These memories should become living books...keep them on the shelf in the library. 

We want to take off warriors suit (we are not at war)...if you keep your warriors suit on you’ll attract warriors. It is when you take off the warriors suit you will attract peaceful people. People sense when we are in survival and so they put on survival suit so they can be around you. 

So ... ask yourself do I attract people out of  my CIA or CAT? Am I living in reality or fantasy which means it is inevitable that one day I will go through a very large awakening that will be very painful?

My work PTTK assists you in discovery of and if you have fallen in love with your heart as opposed to your back brain. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Colli K Christante

Colli K Christante

Heart or Back Brain Love Part 2

There are two parts to the brain the CIA the central integrative area, it is still the rational brain yet the back door you exit to the autonomic nervous system. Here is where you lose control and you lose choice. When you’re rational, in you’re CAT(conscious associative thinking ) area you have control over rational. If a person is stuck in CIA the emotions has control over rational. If a person is stuck in CIA they me be ready to make a jump into survival. The further away you are from autonomic brain is when you are at CAT. When you are in survival you are at go into war room are in autonomic.
Next ...Heart love-heart releases ANF - neurotransmitter of love, whether its person, place, or thing. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heart or Back Brain Love Part 1

Heart or Back Brain Love

In this thing called LOVE there are two ways to go in... Through the heart or back brain. The back brain is false love and true heart love is in heart. The relationship is a true childhood fit. Both are very deep unconscious attraction (I can’t get out) and the only way to get around it is you have to find out whom you are ...keeping the good qualities. What is affecting the behavior? You want to disconnect, however, what is the law of your unconscious? If you are living by others laws you fall in love with people and things that fit their programming.

Co dependent partnership has a long history and it is only our generation that is trying to break away from our ancestor survival (i.e.) cold war, pillaging wars. Who rules you? Is it your genetic part or your dark side? The genetic nature is role modeling of parents or other influences. If you were abused you become an abuser, if you are abused you become a victim, you fight fire with fire or you get burned. Co dependency was a way of life, now, we want romantic love. The key is to find someone who has grown to where you are ... the equality, share the burdens of a partnership relationship. If you are in a relationship with someone it should be the same... no double standards 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Money can't buy it, sex can't buy it, drugs can't buy." Annie Lenox.

Deeply connect to yourself and live from a place of centerdness, presence and fullness – Become Someone You Haven’t Met Yet!

"There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening [an energy] that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. If you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not yours to determine how good it is; nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep the channel open" Martha Graham

"Money can't buy it, sex can't buy it, drugs can't buy." Annie Lenox.

The greatest cause of stress is the striving for fame and fortune, which in our world today is perceived as a mark of success, yet, I am not talking about money when she talks about success nor am I talking about fame when I talk about success.

I believe that fame and fortune are the by products of success AND that true success is BEING CONSCIOUS. Being conscious of your original craving for self expression, which is your true inner expression and then aligning those thoughts (your thoughts) with the Bigness of LIFE is when we BELIEVE both Intellectually and through our FEELING...the two must come together. Techniques create a mould which must be filled with the consciousness fo the feeling, which makes everything come alive.

...Your True Inner Expression is something that money cannot buy

...Your True Inner Expression wants to move from a place of self-esteem to self-actualization

...Your True Inner Expression is Becoming the Someone You haven't met yet..."YOU"

So, now...ask yourself:
  1. Have I Discovered the courage to be ME?
  2. Have I Designed the inside of my life?
  3. Have I Mastered My Life?
Combining my academic career in Communications and my role as an Optimal Performance
transformation coach, awakener and creative muse, I love to share profound insights that fundamental cause and solution to our global problems relates to the status of women and the honoring of the highest expression of the feminine essence.

My insightful wisdom offers women the tools to awaken their Divine

My message is that every woman can choose to become the woman she has not met yet. In doing so she will continue to transform her life, my relationships and the world. I offer each woman a way to elevate her consciousness, to unleash her creativity to live her dream and to celebrate her womanhood.
  • Have you Begun to get glimpses of an aspect of your self beyond the physical, mental, emotional level?
  • Have you had a glimpse of the truth about this entity called "me"?
  • Learnt to express your voice and become a catalyst for positive change?
  • Have you Empowered your life-stopped feeling powerless?
  • Do you Bring spiritual practice into everyday life?
  • Have you dealt with stress-life changes, grief, death, forgiveness?
  • Are you Living your life with love and gratitude?
  • Have you or do you want to Re-invent yourself and fulfill your destiny?
  • Discovered the real anti-aging secrets?
  • Discovered your real sensual self and maintain that while being spiritual?
  • Have you reclaimed the unique power of your feminine essence?
  • Have you discovered the keys to being self-reliant?
  • Have you discovered where you belong?
  • Are you ready to commit to ideals, serve spirit with discipline, and find the link between faith and reality that brings heaven down to earth. The magic of manifesting inspiraton is available to all who are willing to match belief with action.
  • Are you ready to become the person you have always wanted to meet?
"If you are are never happy unless you create because this is where you put yourself into the object of your adoration".


“Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their enviornment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent”C.G Jung

Monday, January 4, 2010

Fill them up with his or her love

It is the soul then that shapes the body, not the body that shapes the soul. It is the design that shapes the house, not the house that shapes the design. It is the germ structure of the oak that shapes the tree. That had to come first. Strangely, we ignore this great and simple principle in determining our own lives.

 One of my goals in doing this blog is to discover strategy that can be incorporated into the environments of many youth and women who wake up every day looking for someone else to fill them up with his or her love and approval … not yet realizing the door to the soul opens inward and they themselves hold the magic key … the inner voice. I believe the examination of this subject manner will be very entertaining, informing, sometimes humorous, and truly inspiring to the viewer. “It’s time has come”.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Obeying YOUR Inner Design

Our careers are inherent in our own nature. Its pattern is cut in the fiber of your being. Obey our identity and we will find our way in life. Relax to a willingness to be what our potentialities make possible. Follow the faithful work of the oak - busy yourself with growing. Nothing else is asked of us. For even the pattern of the sort of love that belongs to us is inherent in our identity.

If we listen to what goes on in the depths of our mind we will receive guidance, and, using that guidance, we can design what we wish our life activity to be. We will be giving to our future with an architectural plan, just as one is given to a house. We will be finding and obeying your inner design, just as the oak tree obeys the vital design in its germ plasm. Our character is a gift that the generations who came before you have made possible. Our job is to fulfill that potentiality. When asked the secret of his inventive genius, Thomas Edison said, “I listen from within.”