Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ruling Love, Ruling Interest, Ruling Hope

There are three primary centers, or, let us say, one primary center with two others branching from it that form the spring board for success in life. The primary impulse of our nature we call the ruling love. The supporting inclinations we name the ruling interest and the ruling hope. The form these feelings take indicates what we might describe as the height, breadth, and depth of our natures. But whatever they may be, to discover and foster their function is the best guarantee for a satisfying future. To ignore or defy them certainly threatens the well being of anyone...in other words “Who am I?”

            A useful way to get back into the truth of who you are is first to find your ruling love, someone thing in life that you know you love. You can have more than one, however, one is a great place to start. Question yourself. Do you love being on the water, or do you deeply love stars or trees? Do you truly love sunsets? Do you actually love music? Do you love gain more than anything else, or selling, or research, or homemaking? Make that one thing that is absolutely real to you your  intimate companion.

           After you have found your ruling love, you need to discover a ruling interest and a ruling hope to back up your ruling love. Our ruling love, ruling interest, and ruling hopes, if we fully realize them within ourselves, gradually build a center of spiritual strategy that will help us to deal with situation after situation in our lives.

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