Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finding Somewhere I Belong

There is a major need for woman, young girls to find that love can come from many different sources, not just one special person, for all love flows from the Infinite Wisdom (the source within.)

This frees us from the desperate mission to find Mr. Right, this Unconditional love heals lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

The to learn to love and accept yourself first. Easier said than done - right!

By going through this personally and through my work with clients walking a mile in someone else's shoes, I have come to an understanding that in order for this to occur in one's life it may require changes in one's thinking and in their actions and these changes are sometimes frightening.

As I have discovered ...No one makes changes unless the pain and discomfort of their present condition or situation outweighs the risks and the temporary discomfort of change, yet, when we do make the changes and we dare to disturb the universe, the world changes so completely for us. Suprisingly, what we believed was important ceases to matter. We are made new.

Through this self-involving way of deeply seeing into the world, we enlarge it, we disturb it, and ourselves too.

Through the discovery of becoming self-reliant we arrive at our destination...Home...SOMEWHERE I BELONG. (Lincoln Park song Somewhere I Belong) says it all.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yourself you could find

Unlocking the secrets that are hidden inside and through the doors of perception yourself you could find. That you only go outward to get further in-you only get further when you see life from within...this is the secret of becoming self-reliant.

My goal of this specific blog to assist others in becoming self-reliant. This is the truth-the only truth that sets us free.

With tremendous amount of courage and through determination you can go on to discover the true secrets of self-reliance.

The purpose of my blog is to explore key issues that impact us as women. How and when we give ourselves away losing our identiity and the attempts to reclaim one self.

Struggling through adversity such as divorce, keeping faith(what faith) learning that love sometimes means saying N0, going on and discovering what is deeply relevant is what I faced. In the times we live through how do we survive as individuals with our own indentity intact.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Curanderismo

SHARED WISDOM FROM THE SPIRIT OF THE LAND: "Beginning in childhood, many are urged and taught by their cultures to not see too much. One should certainly not dare to call oneself an artist or poet. One must agree to agree, even though strongly sensing otherwise, that only things which have their atoms, packed together so tightly that they are able to be seen by the egos of all --- that these things are the only things that ought to matter in life.

But in curanderismo, it is just the opposite. The mother tongue is poetics. The healer is an artist. The invisible worlds are palpably felt and acknowledged directly along with the consensual reality."

Elena Avila, Woman Who Glows In the Dark.

What's missing?

In my dreams last night I encountered a woman who had everything material one may want. She had the high paying career, beautiful new home, the cars, the bling, the travel, the perfect kids and a wonderful providing and kind husband.

Upon entering her home I could not help but over hear her screaming on the phone and then quickly starting to cry.

She told me she was talking to someone hired to assist her to become more productive.

When lady A told lady B she could not keep up and was not happy lady B who was being paid to assist lady A lady B hung up.

I looked at lady A and said it is all so simple. One question? What's missing? She sheepishly look at me tears ice cold tears beginning to melt as they flowed down her cheek and said " my breath". So now let me ask you "what's missing?"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Night falls

Night falls and the veil is getting thinner and thinner ... actually the veil is always only as thick as a maple leaf but it is up to us as to whether we see through to the other side and reach in. I am so grateful I am a woman.
Dreams will be amazing tonight. night night

So fragile but strong

Happy new day friends ... looking out the window I see the blessings of winter approaching. Wonderful snowflakes so fragile but when they stick together they form amazing shapes - got to love those snow men. Off to interview some amazing women about their experiences as women. Have a wonderful personal harmonized day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do you experience Personal Harmony?

This is a blog about me as a woman, a mother, a grandmother, a creative passionately positive enthusiastically convicted woman. A women in her 50's who has been through a tremedous amount of pain and joy.

My motto is personal harmony is not sacrificing for anyone or anything.

When your head touches the pillow every night can you drift into a restful sleep. Do you sleep through the night?

This blog is for us. I need your in- put.

Every issue that we as real women have gone through or may is what this blog is about. I will be taking to the streets to talk to other women and get their stories. What is your story? I want to know. Do you experience personal harmony?