Saturday, November 14, 2009

Your INNER - EXPRESSION -the Best Anti-Aging Secret

Do you have Your own innate sense of Your own Inner-Expression.
What is it You are loving? Do you love the divine expression of you? 
Maslow called it Self Actualization.It is not competitive. What are you attracting? What is emerging within yourself? 

Are you the nurturer of yourself? What are you self actualizing and expressing? What is your chosen work which is rewarding yourself and at least one other person. This will bring out your greater self.

The best anti-aging remedy is the realization of your own purpose and so ask yourself "Do I realize my potential? What do I want to EXPRESS? What is MY INNER - EXPRESSION?

Your happiness is from the nurturing of yourself and the giving it out to others. Remember that unhappiness is the push and drive for you to EXPRESS.
Remember you and I are EXPRESSIONS of the larger. Say yes and have faith in the process itself.

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