Saturday, November 7, 2009

Becoming the Someone YOU want to meet

Becoming the someone YOU want to meet is what this blog unfolds. At some point I became aware of knowing that I knew the answer to the question I had spent my entire life looking for.

Most of us don't consciously choose to think, behave, talk, walk, or eat like our parents. It just happens and sometimes so subtly that we don't even notice the similarities until someone points them out "You're kidding" we respond with disbelief. "But I am different from them" Maybe yes, maybe no. It is how you are the same that's the issue"

Without reclaiming our missing pieces, we will never experience the wholeness we crave and the peace we are searching for. We will find it difficult to have the real moments that we need. How do we return to a state of wholenes? We must pass from the cramped, yet familiar womb of who we have been into the person we are meant to be. 

We must take the journey from our old life of sacrifice and limitations into a new life of authenticity and freedom. We must give birth to ourselves again.


  1. nicely wrote..........Colli ..I feel that way too ....even is hard to do

  2. hello my friend ... it is great to know that feel this way too. keep believing in you and in you your truth not the truth of others shall be revealed. thank you for expressing your truth.
    in richness