Thursday, November 5, 2009

Disturbing our own depth

We, find ourselves try doing more, going to new places, changing the way our bodies look, buying something different, or loving someone new, and perhaps for a while we feel better. But then, the shadow of discontent returns, stronger than ever, and we wonder if something is wrong with us.

What are we searching and looking for? We are searching for the pieces that had been lost or given away in our childhood and without them it was difficult to experience in moments that are real (it is hard to be present if one's needs are not being met:) 

To make up for this we attempted to make our own children's life give them all the love we never knew, wanting to rescue them from hurt and pain, but does it work? Or is it that no matter what are the circumstances we are given we want to carve our own way!

This unique blog will examine this and how other women and men, young women and young men know the more they travel this path, daring to disturb the universe, the more they disturb their own depths and yet do so.

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