Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lost along the way

For awhile in every one's life, we walk as if we belong on this earth, as if we are our own people, as if we trust our own minds. There is no gap between true nature and our ability to express it. What happens to that hum and hunger? How do those eyes become shadowed, suspicious, just a few years later? How do those bodies get rigid and closed? How do all those dreams become crushed under arms that fold tight over chests?

How does a river become layered over that true nature, covering it with limiting beliefs?

We are taught to become proficient at keeping ourselves from learning, and articulate in all the things we that are wrong with them. A groove of awareness of our mistakes is carved into our brains. Thus we are taught to take for granted what we can do, and instead concentrate on our defeat.

In the process of living out the years of our lives, there comes a time when we realize that, somehow, we've gotten lost along the way. We've lost our sense of purpose and direction. We've lost the ability to live by our own values and beliefs(some of us do not even know what they are:(

 We've lost the capacity for uninhibited joy and celebration. We move through each day with buried uneasiness, a silent suspicion that something is not right.

 No matter how hard we search for the source of discomfort, we can find nothing apparently wrong. We may as well be chasing a ghost who will not reveal himself.

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