Friday, November 13, 2009

Becoming Interdependent and regaining Self Esteem

The word “dependent” MEANS “relying on someone or something else.” The opposite of dependence is, of course, independence. Many people believe that “independent has a negative connotation, i.e., standing alone, completely detached from any other person. For this reason I have used a word probably not found in a dictionary - “ undependent”, which means for the purpose of the work I do and for the series, “ to be free from the control of someone or something else.

The nature of our human race is that we all are interdependent - that is, reciprocal dependency on one another for certain things. But when interdependency becomes unbalanced and one person is doing all the giving and another all the taking it is no longer interdependence, but rather dependence of one person on the other, and when this happens both parties become resentful of each other. 

            There are times in a person’s life when we are legitimately dependent - when we are small children, for example, or when we are ill or in some other way unable to care for ourselves temporary, because permanent dependency is deadly.

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