Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Taking Care of Myself

 Taking Care of Myself 

So how can we energetically shift out of shame into a self-empowered stance that projects worthiness? We have to train ourselves to honor our desire body. Our desire body is the faculty of our emotional body that desires, craves, hungers for and yearns after. Our desire body is our idea generator and attraction mechanism. It cannot work for us if it is suppressed, condemened or judged. In fact, it works against us when we have a negative attitude toward it.

Desire is the basic instinct that propels us to find everything from food to God. Hunger and longing to belong are both desires. From hunger we are motivated to get fed. From longing to belong we learn how to experience and align with the Infinite. When we are attuned to the Infinite, we are really set up to get our needs met. We not only get our survival and physical needs met, we get our emotional and spiritual needs satisfied too. What greater satisfaction than to be at peace and relaxed, feel loved, and to know that the struggle is over.

Now… let’s visit the above from an empowered stance

Our ability to manifest depends on our ability to magnetize
Magnetism radiates from am unconditionally loved desire body
The power of positive projection increases with deep inner satisfaction
Our ability to claim grows in the garden of self-love
Clarity shines in front of the mirror of the soul
Direct connection is nurtured from a humble, yet confident, stance
Owning our responsibility as co-creators allows us to claim what is ours

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