Friday, May 7, 2010

How Should We Set Our Goals?

How should we set our goals?”

The first thing to understand is that you are in this situation because of your present state of self. Your beliefs, your personality, your behavior, have made you in this present state of reality. If at all you want to change your situation, you must set a goal to change yourself first; you must change the state of yourself. In changing your belief systems your accepted reality changes, and when this is changed the outer changes automatically. So the fact is that the outer goal is secondary, the inner is the most important thing. If ever you want to change the outer reality or achieve some outer goal, first start with the self. Only then you will know what effortless achievement is.

For a long time effort has been introduced to us by many speakers and psychologists, simply because they believed that in order for the self to change, the outer must change first; some even consider that the self has nothing to do with the outer. This is why they have always emphasized effort and propagated struggle. You must understand, this struggle and hardship is not with the outside, it is because the self (the reality creator) can't be changed.

What I am discussing with you seems to be difficult but actually it is not. Remember, stop wishing and start seeing that which you are, and see that which you are is the same as your reality. Also remember that the self is not fixed, it is changeable. If you dare to go beyond the self and see that it’s not actually you, that you are something transcendental, then almost everything you want is possible, all goals are achieved; not by maddening effort but by spontaneous creation.

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