Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Can Mastery Help?

“How can Mastery help?”

The first part of Mastery is coming in total contact with that which one is. In seeing yourself for what you are you will begin to realize that even that which you have accepted as yourself is just a creation; your self is just beliefs that you have accepted and the conditioning society has given you. You are something far beyond this self, but this is only for the one who has come to know. Mastery will help you simply because you achieve that which is within your grasp, that which is within the spectrum of the self or the real self. In Mastery, as you shift or change the boundary of yourself you also change the boundary of your reality and your achievement. If you actually believe that you can make a million dollars and it is within your spectrum of realness, then it is done. The fact that I have seen is that when it is within your spectrum of realness the universe supports it. Let me emphasize it again, within your spectrum of your realness, that which makes you, you; it is not pretending to believe, but actually believing it and accepting it as a fact.

In Mastery you learn just how to do this.

 Master Dhyan Vimal

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