Sunday, May 2, 2010

How Can this Illusion Be Broken?

“How can this illusion be broken?”

First you must come to see that you are wishing; you are functioning from a state of hoping for things to happen. This basic fundamental realization will free you to see that which you are actually capable of. Remember, most of us don't want to see this. I am reminded of a student who wanted to be a top producer and was constantly talking about it until I pointed out to her that this is not what she is actually about; that she is living in hope and creating a false image. When the truth about her and the facts of her life started to come out she became very upset; she even became hostile. Now if you want to keep this false image and go on feeding it and protecting it, remember that you will be in an illusion. Your goals will just be a wish that won't come true.

The secret to come out of this illusion is to see that which you actually are, that which you actually believe you can do, to see yourself totally naked, to accept all the facts about you, and to see the actual beliefs that you carry about yourself. Remember, for many of us this can be an uncomfortable and even painful process because over the years we have created many false images and opinions about ourselves; we have pretended to be something other than what we actually are. We also carry a deep mechanism that prevents us from seeing that which we are.

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