Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beyond ILLUSION to making things happen

Beyond Illusion to Making Things Happen
exerpted from Master Dhyan Vimal

“Why is it that most of the goals we set don't seem to materialize? Somewhere along the way it goes wrong and we don’t achieve them. How can Mastery help us achieve what we want or achieve that which we set out to do?”

The first thing that has to be understood and explored is the way we set goals. Many people assume that what they want, or what they wish to have, is their goal. Their goals are that which they actually believe they can't have, or that which they have accepted as being beyond their grasp. They will desire something, or make it a goal only when they see that it is beyond their capacity to grasp it. And many of them have confused themselves with the things that they want and the things that they can do; this is the reason why they want it.

When something is within our grasp we don't really wish for it, because we believe we can have it or we simply go out and get it. So, most of the time, we set our goals for things which we fundamentally believe we can't have and this is where the illusion starts; inevitably leading to frustration and failure. The illusion or lie starts when we confuse ourselves with that which we wish and hope for and that which is our goal. The fact is that we are hoping for it to happen, it's not a goal we work towards; it is like buying a lottery ticket and hoping to strike millions - this is not a goal.

Let’s say someone sets a goal or wishes to be a millionaire; anything less than being a millionaire is unacceptable to him and he sets a time period for achieving it. Let's examine why he set this goal, or what has triggered him to set this goal. It could be that because when he achieves his goal some of his life problems will be solved, or he believes that this is the ideal way to live. Often these types of goals will be born as a wish which we hope will solve our problems; based on this wish we move around, hoping our goals will happen.

If you observe, you will see that most people set a goal and completely do nothing about it and wait for it to happen. Then that same person will ask “Why are my goals not happening?” Living a life based on hopes and wishes will eventually lead to a state where you believe that no matter what you do, that which is going to happen will happen. You create the idea that life is fated and when this belief sets in nothing in your life changes. Then, in order to explain your life's situation you adopt philosophies like: “life is difficult” or “one cannot easily get what one wants,” or “man proposes, God disposes” and so on ... This is how the circle of illusion starts, and this has to be broken.

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