Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yourself you could find

Unlocking the secrets that are hidden inside and through the doors of perception yourself you could find. That you only go outward to get further in-you only get further when you see life from within...this is the secret of becoming self-reliant.

My goal of this specific blog to assist others in becoming self-reliant. This is the truth-the only truth that sets us free.

With tremendous amount of courage and through determination you can go on to discover the true secrets of self-reliance.

The purpose of my blog is to explore key issues that impact us as women. How and when we give ourselves away losing our identiity and the attempts to reclaim one self.

Struggling through adversity such as divorce, keeping faith(what faith) learning that love sometimes means saying N0, going on and discovering what is deeply relevant is what I faced. In the times we live through how do we survive as individuals with our own indentity intact.

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