Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's missing?

In my dreams last night I encountered a woman who had everything material one may want. She had the high paying career, beautiful new home, the cars, the bling, the travel, the perfect kids and a wonderful providing and kind husband.

Upon entering her home I could not help but over hear her screaming on the phone and then quickly starting to cry.

She told me she was talking to someone hired to assist her to become more productive.

When lady A told lady B she could not keep up and was not happy lady B who was being paid to assist lady A lady B hung up.

I looked at lady A and said it is all so simple. One question? What's missing? She sheepishly look at me tears ice cold tears beginning to melt as they flowed down her cheek and said " my breath". So now let me ask you "what's missing?"