Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do you experience Personal Harmony?

This is a blog about me as a woman, a mother, a grandmother, a creative passionately positive enthusiastically convicted woman. A women in her 50's who has been through a tremedous amount of pain and joy.

My motto is personal harmony is not sacrificing for anyone or anything.

When your head touches the pillow every night can you drift into a restful sleep. Do you sleep through the night?

This blog is for us. I need your in- put.

Every issue that we as real women have gone through or may is what this blog is about. I will be taking to the streets to talk to other women and get their stories. What is your story? I want to know. Do you experience personal harmony?


  1. Great blog Colli ... will be reading and looking forward to your video post as well as your upcoming radio program

  2. awesome blog Colli...........I look forward to reading and looking your video post. When your radio program coming?

  3. thanks monday81 ... my video post will be starting mid nov and radio is approx the same time. thanks for following ... we live in wonderous times of shifting consciousness