Thursday, May 19, 2016

How Do We Change Problematic Patterns

How do we change problematic patterns? The principle is to replace the problematic patterns with healthy patterns. Why replace instead of clear them? Because the patterns of the consciousness are an indispensible part of the consciousness: the consciousness functions through them. It is not within the law of life for a human being to function without patterns.
Some people believe that, because problematic patterns are the fundamental causes of problems in life, clearing problematic patterns will be the way to deal with problems. The idea of ‘letting go’ is based on this belief, and for some people letting go of all unhealthy patterns or conditioning becomes the goal to achieve. How do you get rid of a pattern just like that? After much effort and many attempts, you would probably find that letting go is not easy at all. You want to let go of emotion or thinking or reacting in a certain way. However, each time you are in the same situation, you are thinking and reacting exactly the same way again and again. Why is this? 

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