Friday, January 1, 2010

Obeying YOUR Inner Design

Our careers are inherent in our own nature. Its pattern is cut in the fiber of your being. Obey our identity and we will find our way in life. Relax to a willingness to be what our potentialities make possible. Follow the faithful work of the oak - busy yourself with growing. Nothing else is asked of us. For even the pattern of the sort of love that belongs to us is inherent in our identity.

If we listen to what goes on in the depths of our mind we will receive guidance, and, using that guidance, we can design what we wish our life activity to be. We will be giving to our future with an architectural plan, just as one is given to a house. We will be finding and obeying your inner design, just as the oak tree obeys the vital design in its germ plasm. Our character is a gift that the generations who came before you have made possible. Our job is to fulfill that potentiality. When asked the secret of his inventive genius, Thomas Edison said, “I listen from within.”

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