Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heart or Back Brain Love Part 1

Heart or Back Brain Love

In this thing called LOVE there are two ways to go in... Through the heart or back brain. The back brain is false love and true heart love is in heart. The relationship is a true childhood fit. Both are very deep unconscious attraction (I can’t get out) and the only way to get around it is you have to find out whom you are ...keeping the good qualities. What is affecting the behavior? You want to disconnect, however, what is the law of your unconscious? If you are living by others laws you fall in love with people and things that fit their programming.

Co dependent partnership has a long history and it is only our generation that is trying to break away from our ancestor survival (i.e.) cold war, pillaging wars. Who rules you? Is it your genetic part or your dark side? The genetic nature is role modeling of parents or other influences. If you were abused you become an abuser, if you are abused you become a victim, you fight fire with fire or you get burned. Co dependency was a way of life, now, we want romantic love. The key is to find someone who has grown to where you are ... the equality, share the burdens of a partnership relationship. If you are in a relationship with someone it should be the same... no double standards 

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