Thursday, March 25, 2010

Demystify this thing

Over the many years I have been a coach one of the things I hear the most is "I don't know what I want so I will just settle for ????

My answer is we need to demystify this thing. For example the wine world reminds me a great deal of the art world. Far too many people feel unqualified to create art, insisting that they are not "the creative type." But when we leave art only to the artists we lose touch with our own artfulness, our own creativity and inventiveness, and block a portal through which we gain vigor and intelligence can make their way to us. We distance ourselves from art when we professionalize it, just as we disassociate from our own healing powers when we place total responsibility for healing only in the hands of a healer. This creates a system in which we do all the suffering and healers do all the healing.

We all possess creativity, however, although we may not all have the courage to act on it.

If you make discerning your callings your priority, then the "quality" of  your creative efforts is determined by how honest they are, how true, the EXPRESSIONS are to your INNER EXPRESSIONS. It is not determined by popularity, or marketability, or technique, or talent. Think of yourself as having a genius in the original sense of the word, which meant having a genie, a guardian spirit, which everyone possesses - even animals.

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